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Window & Curtain Design Services

We can restring shades & blinds no older than 8 years due to mechanisms and parts changing so often. We can’t restring cordless shades because they are done by machine. However we can send them back to the manufacturer to have them to do it.

We are willing to come take them down for you however that is an added charge to the restring service. *We carry many parts in our warehouse please feel free to stop by to see if we have a part that you need. *

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Beautify the interior of your home with custom upholstery and window treatments. From top brand names to professional upholstery, you can have the home of your dreams.

Does your office space need a complete makeover? We provide unique window treatments, diverse shades and projection screens to allow your workplace to come to life!

We provide shade and blind repair services. We also send back cordless shades to manufactures for repairs.